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Mission Statement

Falcon Wealth Management


I help clients accumulate wealth, mitigate risks and pursue their retirement lifestyle. While my clients come from wide variety of backgrounds including: Business Owners, Seniors, Pre-Retirees & Pensioners, they all tend to be concerned about the following:

  • Not having enough money to retire comfortably
  • Being overwhelmed by the entire retirement planning process
  • What their retirement accounts are earning
  • What accounts will give them the best overall return
  • How to obtain the best tax benefits

 Business Owners:

 The Business Owners I serve typically find themselves without a plan for eventually transitioning out of their business. They have not faced the reality that someday we will all leave our businesses. The only questions are when, how and for how much.

 They want to know:

  • When is the most beneficial time to retire and/or sell their business?
  • What is their business really worth to a third party buyer?
  • How to execute an internal transfer to family/management and minimize taxes?
  • How to find meaning and purpose in retirement?
  • How to protect their assets (what they’ve built) and family with minimal or no out-of-pocket cost.

I, along with my team, help you plan for eventually transitioning from your business when, how, to whom you want, for the money you need. This includes ascertaining the true value of your company and comparing it to what you need to retire comfortably. I then create a succession plan to help achieve a successful exit and ensure business continuity after you leave, while employing estate planning techniques to pass assets with as little tax burden as possible. And finally, I help you calculate what your actual returns are on your current investments and how to maximize your contributions while minimizing risk.


Many of our senior clients are already retired. They may be on a fixed income or have health concerns. They may need to make important financial decisions, some of which are irreversible.

 Their concerns include:

  • Housing - Whether to stay put, sell, move, downsize, move in with family?
  • Health Care - Keep employer plan, evaluate numerous Medicare option
  • Compare appropriate Long-Term Care Plans
  • How to best pass assets to family/other heirs?
  • How to avoid spending down principal to meet monthly income needs
  • How to increase returns on investment?

Seniors believe they are on a fixed income, but who fixed it? I help you increase your regular income, as well as show you ways to help offset increasing taxes and inflation so you have plenty of income with which to enjoy your retirement years. I show you programs which aim to extend your income or create another income stream. In addition, I show you how to pass money to family, charity or other heirs while reducing taxes. Every dollar I save you in taxes can potentially serve as additional monthly income or to meet your other retirement goals. And finally, I make your money work harder for you by calculating what your retirement accounts are earning and how to improve that return. 


Our Pre-Retired clients are usually 5-10 years away from retirement. They are usually mid-career, their cash is flowing and their debts are rapidly declining. Their kids are already or close to being “off the payroll,” either in or approaching college age. But the one thing they all have in common is the realization that “It’s time to get serious.”

Their concerns include: 

  • How much money will I/We need to retire?
  • How long will our money last?
  • How aggressive should we be with our investing?
  • How can we reduce our taxes?
  • Are we taking advantage of all our retirement accounts?

I show you what your actual return of your investments, and if they are truly optimizing your contributions and risk. I also provide a Falcon’s View (Retirement Overview), including a Gap Analysis, to show if all of your assets will provide the retirement lifestyle you want. If not, I make appropriate recommendations to address any shortfalls and help try and get you back on track to meet your goal. 


Our Pensioner clients are in all stages of life: Seniors, Retired, Pre-Retired.

And they come from State, Federal, Local government. They run the full range of occupations: From Police, Fire & Corrections Officers, to entire school systems including,
Teachers, Principals, Administrators, Bus Drivers, Custodians and Food Service. I also serve Municipal workers such as highway, town and sewer, as well as their administrative staff. And finally, I serve Postal Workers and Social Security employees on the Federal level.

Their concerns include: 

  • How will their pension options affect them and their family?
  • Whether they should take full pension or “pop up” options for spouse?
  • When to retire to get the best pension and best overall benefits? 

In addition to the solutions we bring to our other clients above, we also recommend a Pension Maximization Strategy appropriate to their individual situation. The Falcon’s View. By analyzing where you are now, where you want to be, and what you need to do to get there we put together a financial plan that pursues those goals. We review all your financial and insurance vehicles, various legal structures, and tax laws to potentially increase income, decrease taxes, reduce risks and optimize your pension benefits.